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Jackpot joy launches a new free slot on Facebook

June 18, 2012 73 0

Jackpot joy is proud to announce the launch of Fuzz Balls, a slot games available free at Facebook. The company during the launch stated that it aims to give fans more impetus of spending time at this impressive application. The new game targets slot lovers who are pet and cat lovers.

How the game is played

The game is simple to understand. It features Cats chasing not after mice, but money. The cats then drop their “loot” on the doorstep of the player. The game starts when three scatter symbols appear in reel two, three or four. The player then selects from fifteen different objects. Once this is done, the player is rewarded with free spins for each object selected. The player finding the “collect” ends the feature and the player starts the free spin feature again.

The company announcing the launch of the game said that plans are underway to give its Facebook fans existing features to enhance their gaming experience. As part of this, Jackpot has launched several interactive campaigns where players are requested to give their opinions and ideas to deliver an effective feature that will be likeable across the board.

You can preview the game using this link:


Ongoing promotion

In addition to the launch of the new game, Jackpot has also announced that it has launched an exclusive promotion that is scheduled to commence in the coming weekend. In the promotion, players are given up to 100% added coins with each purchase.

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