Jackpot of $350,000 by an Online Player

Often, you get to hear this kind of news, but this time it is an online poker player “Bingo Troy” who poped a $350k Bad Beat Jackpot. Point not to be forgotten is that it is still one week before the $250k Guaranteed. We all are well aware of the fact that it’s every poker player’s nightmare to lose a hand of Texas Hold’em while holding quad anything. But, for this guy Bingo Troy it was a dream come true at Americas Card room online poker. It was April 8th that this online poker player popped into Americas Card room’s Bad Beat Jackpot and it was better than winning the Liberty Quarter Million tournament just sone week away from on April 15, where $250,000 will be guaranteed. This can now be called the largest online poker tournament available to US players.

It actually started at a Low Stake No Limit Hold’em table, which is quite common among poker players, in a challenge against online poker player DoyleFlush, who won the hand on the table with a straight flush. Bingo Troy takes home $49,564.36 and DoyleFlush, the winner of the hand, left the table with a decent $33,039.57. But as you know that it is not just the recipient of the bad beat who walks away a winner when the jackpot hits on your table. With the winner of any Bad Beat Jackpot we have those losing hands that stand to win 20% of the jackpot value, and there are participants who dealt hand will share 10% of the jackpot and these are the rigid rules. This means that 30% of every jackpot goes to reseed the next big shot on the table so sharing in the 10% was Coin22, EZTILT67 and Sdgrinder who earned $5,508.24 each because they participated in the hand. So it can be calculated that Americas Card room paid a total of $99,128.65 in Bad Beat Jackpot winnings this weekend on an online table.

In addition to the Bad Beat Jackpot winnings paid as we calculated above, poker players cashed more in second successful weekend as part of Liberty Weekends.it consists of five weekends of online poker tournaments featuring $500,000 in prize pools. The Saturday $10,000 Guaranteed was also hot as it saw its prize pool increased to $12,250. But 128 players had registered for the tournament and online poker player map01 took first place for $2,817.50. Another event called “$50k on Sunday” was also remarkable where there was field of 184 fighting for the $50,600 prize pool. Online poker player Kepdog1 had ended the game as the last man standing for $11,385 in his pocket and drove home.

There will also be Liberty Quarter Million on April 15th at 7:00pm ET, for which the online poker site will throw a guaranteed $250,000 prize pool on the table in a single player game. The first-place winner of this event is promised to take home at least $50,000. The event will have 250 seats for the players guaranteed in April 15 Liberty Quarter Million, and it is going to cost $36+3 to enter as per announcements. But offers do not end here as Liberty Weekend events will contribute points to Americas Card room’s April $60,000 Points Race. Then there will be Saturday events that will award 200 points, while the Sunday tournaments and 250-Seat Super Satellite on Friday will be awarding 1,000 points. And last but not the least the $250,000 Guaranteed Tournament on April 15 will award 7,500 points in the Race. There is a great list of opportunities and fun only brought to you by America Card room.