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Jackpot of Casino Movies

August 27, 2012 59 0

It may sound weird, but at CasinoCheers we do things besides gambling, wagering and playing games for the fun of it. We also watch movies, but we have an obvious preference to those that touch a theme so dear to us. Yes, we are talking about casinos. In Hollywood’s long history, you can find a handful of movies related to the casino business. As with everything, some nail the experience, others portrait the casino life in mediocre manner.

Today we will begin a new saga at CasinoCheers. Not of tips, not of promotions, but of the so called Jackpot of Casino Movies.  Doing this top 5 was in no way an easy feat. Henceforth, we will introduce the lower 3 movies of the top 5, so you can start appreciating the old seventh art a little bit more.  At the end of each mini movie review, you will find a link towards the theatrical trailer of each movie, so you get a better idea of the tone.


Released in 1998, and staring the famous Clive Owen, this movie marks an unusual portrait of the casino world. Or seeing it from another angle, it carries a different view of what we would usually seek in a casino movie. Directed by Mike Hodge, the story is told from the perspective of a croupier. Even if this wasn’t enough to distinguish this movie from others, it takes place in London, away from the luxury, lust and neon lights of Las Vegas. The atmosphere of the movie is cold and rough, not even giving a glimpse of ostentation. For those looking for a grim angle of the casino world, Croupier will be your cup of tea.

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