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Learn which online poker tournament best suits you

May 17, 2012 55 0

There is nothing that beats the thrill of winning a poker tournament, whether you are playing online or offline. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try visiting any poker tournament, and I bet that you will return to such tournament. There is no better satisfaction in knowing that you have outwitted, outsmarted, and out-played other players in the tournament. The cash prize only serves as the icing on the cake. As poker history has shown, poker legends are created from tournaments. Poker tournaments are basically what drive poker, it is one of the reasons that has capitulated the game to the stage it is today. But, do you know the types of online poker tournaments available? If not, read on to learn which best suits you.

Elimination tournaments

Elimination tournaments are the most common type of online poker available. Rules for this type of tournament are pretty straight-forward- the tournament just proceed until one of the players finally takes all the chips from the rest of the players. Once a player runs out of the chips, they are automatically eliminated from the tournament. As the game starts, each player is give the same amount of chips, and thus each player has an equal chance of winning the game at the beginning of the game.

Shootout Tournaments

Shootout tournaments are more less the same as elimination tournaments. The concept behind this tournament is also very easy. There are a number of player groups with each group, at the end of the play; there will be only one player in each group remaining that has all the chips. After this, the winners from each table play against each other until the winner emerges.

Rebuy Tournaments

A distinguishing feature of the Rebuy tournaments is that the player will have the chance of playing again as the tournament progresses even if the player had lost all the chips in the course of the tournament.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite players are specially designed for elite players to participate in selected well paying poker events around the globe. The prize money from these Tournaments is usually worth at minimum of $10,000 and more.

Single Table Tournament

A single table tournament is played on one table and can accommodate up to ten players at ago. The tables are usually run on a run on a fill formula. This means that as the players seats are filled, so do the tournament commences. One feature of this tournament is that it has no breaks. The prizes are dived in the following formula: the winner takes 50% of the prize, the second runners up takes 30% and third ranked player takes 20%.

Multi-table tournament

Multi-table tournament are very popular among poker players since they are very challenging and the player has the chance of winning a big prize with a small wager. In this tournament, you have many players in several tables starting off concurrently. As the game progresses, the players are eliminated, the tables are combined and the number is reduced until only one table is left.

Knockout Bounty Tournaments

In a knockout bounty tournament, the buy-in is split between creating a bounty on each participating players and the contributing to the prize pool. Each time a player eliminates a player, you win that bounty prize which is then credited to your account.

Heads up tournament

This tournament is made of tables with two players on each table. Players on each table play against each other until a winner emerges. The winner will then move to more rounds, and play more game until a definite winner emerges.

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