Lock poker set to acquire cake poker network

Lock poker is set to acquire cake poker network. In a press release, the company stated that it is in the process of acquiring the assets from cake and will subsequently carry-out the rebranding of the network with an aim of launching a gaming revolution driving technology with an aim of having a richer tournament schedule. This news will definitely come as a surprise to many stakeholders in the poker industry as such a move is unprecedented. As per the rule of thumb, when it comes to matters dealing with network reorganization, it is done in three ways: a network buys another one, a poker room leaves a network or simply a poker room joins an existing network.

In the statement, lock poker confirmed that Revolution gaming will be done using the cake poker software as its technical staff embark on the improvements. Players using the Merge software platform will be migrated to the cake software at the end of the month. During this transfer, all the login information and balances will not change.

A dream come true:

The CEO of Lock Jennifer Larson in his own words said that the recent development is a “dream come true”. He was very excited at the prospects of driving the network to another new level. Lock further added that the merger is a great stepping stone for the company, and that they will remain true of their core philosophy of partnering with their players.

Poker analyst will observe with interest on how the merger will affect the online poker industry. The two poker networks are the largest U.S friendly networks their other one being Bovada. The biggest loser to Loker Poker exodus is Merge. According to a Lock poker representative, 40% of Merge traffic was contributed by Locker poker.

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