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Loose slots machines; every gamblers dream – how to spot them

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Call anyone out there loose, and I bet you will see one angry face. Loose, is a term that nobody in his or her right sense of mind wants to be called. However, in a casino, the word loose has a special meaning, and is revered by many slot loving players. Be always sure to keep a fresh track on your slots lingo, it can just increase your chances to do so. Sometimes a Loose slot machine is generous sometimes almost to a fault. If you happen to hit a jackpot one day playing in one of this machine, you will clear understand why a loose slots machines are many a gamblers dream.

So what is a loose slots machine?

Simply, this is a slot machine with a higher payback compared to other machines.  Because expectations vary, it is not feasible to define a loose machine using payback percentage. To some gamblers, a loose machine is one that has a payback of 98-99% while to some a loose machine with a payback of 94% is good to go.

Every brick and mortar casino out there has a loose machine to primary two purposes: to attract or retrain gamblers and to prevent penalties imposed on casinos arising from misleading advertisement.  If a casino, advertises that it has slot machines with a payback of 98% percent, there should be prove that this is the truth and not hot air.

Finding loose slot machines

A casino is a place full of myths, and a superstition, despite the fact that the game of slots is a gamble and winning is just luck.  Nevertheless, the fact is that in a Casino, there is always a loose machine, and is always the first step in increasing on your chances of winning a jackpot. By design, loose machines are always surrounded by tight machines. This is done deliberately by a casino to ensure that while a player wins, they take back the money in the other tight slot machine. It is sad, but it never a win-win situation. That said, if you are in a casino, the following tips will lead you into a loose machine.

Machine with a high visibility

Casinos are clever. A loose machine is always located in an area with high visibility this is done deliberately so that if a gambler strikes it big, many players will see it. Naturally, this will give hope to many players note to lose hope, and come to the casino frequently.

Ask casino waiters, and booth attendants

Asking is the first step in knowing. A casino is a jovial place, if you really want to play in a loose machine. It simply, just ask a waiter or any other casino employee and they will show you the way.

Speak with your fellow players

In a casino, you will find regular players, who have been there, done it and won. Such players are always willing to help.

Look out for the winner

It is very easy to spot a winner in the casino; the joy of winning is there for all to see. Make sure you note the machines they were playing with and you will just never know when your time to smile will come.

Be a frequent visitor to a casino

The more you visit a casino, the more you will learn. Some casinos will frequently change the position of their loose slot machine; if you are a regular to a casino then definitely you will not fall into this trap.

Try playing online

If it becomes tough to hit a jackpot in a brick and mortar casino, try your luck online. Online casinos use various methods to attract players and one of the ways is having many loose machines. You just never know when you will be lucky.

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