Malta gambling regulators signs M.O.U with E.S.S.A

The Malta gambling regulator, the lotteries and gambling authority (L.G.A) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Sports Association (ESSA). The signing of the M.O.U is aimed at injecting professionalism in betting in Malta by eliminating vices such as game fixing and corruption that is often an eyesore to gambling.

Big step for integrity

According to the legal manager for the Maltese authority, Dr. Gayle Kimberly, the agreement is will be a big step towards maintaining integrity of gambling in Malta which has been one of the top priorities for the (LGA). According to legal manager, such an initiative demonstrates that “match fixing in sports doe not find fertile grounds, if regulation is enacted in countries such as Malta”

According to the M.O.U, L.G.A will work in tandem with the licensed sports betting groups to enable ESSA, weed out unscrupulous casinos whose main aim is to swindle unsuspecting members of the public.