Massachusetts casino news – Resort Casino polemic

steve wynnGaming entrepreneur and constant target of casino news Steve Wynn has shaken the casino scene in Massachusetts, attempting to bring a resort casino. Wynn has already signed an option for 35 acres of land, next to the Mystic River, in the heart of Everett. The huge location used to house a Chemical Plant that was put out of commission some years ago.

Massachusetts scene

Wynn has expressed a huge desire into turning this place into the best casino available in Massachusetts. However, his objective has not been without polemic, as several groups of citizens have shown disapproval towards the project. Before getting to this location, Wynn had eyed Foxborough for the making of the casino resort, but the oppositions from both residents and town officials obliged him to step back from his plans.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has marked the next 15 of January as the deadline for projects of this kind. Before this date, casino developers should give an preliminary application with a total of $400,000 fee.

Should Wynn be able to move ahead with his plans, he will not be without competition from the Massachusetts casino scene. Currently Suffolk Downs at East Boston also seeks the spot as the single casino resort in the area.

Brief summary of Wynn

Steve Wynn is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world. He currently owns more than 5 casino resorts. He is considered one of the key pieces in the expansion Las Vegas had in the early nighties.  As of 2012, he is in the top 500 of the richest individuals alive, boosting a fortune of around $2.5 billion. He is passionate about art collecting and since 2011 he is a vegetarian.