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Mega Moolah – Progressive casino Jackpot news update!

November 7, 2012 64 0

Slot players are in sure for a treat this casino news. Mega Moolah, one of the most recognized multi-level progressive slots around the web has reached its largest mark in the last years. Mega Moolah recently left behind the 5 million credits mark, making this slot something that players should take into account. A number like this hasn’t been reached in almost 4 four years, when the multi-level progressive slot reached 6 million credits.
Mega Millionaire Machine

Mega Moolah was developed with a sole purpose. For starters, the developers weren’t keen in the idea that the online slot paid often in little amounts. The sole objective was to make a progressive slot that when it was hit, it would make a lucky player an instant millionaire. This was the case of Klaus, back in 2008, when he took home 5.5 million credits. Later, Georgios would top this mark, getting an outstanding 6.3 back in May 2009. That was the last time Mega Moolah surpassed the 5 million mark, until today.
The Next Challenge

As of now, the next challenge Mega Moolah has, is to surpass the amount of 5.556.753 credits, that was the precise amount Klaus won back in 2008. Some hours ago, the multi-level progressive online slot had an amount of 5,157,965 credits. It is estimated that the slot amasses 50,000 credits per day, so this value has surely changed. At this pace, the amount won by Klaus will be surpassed in 10 days. After that, Mega Moolah faces an even greater challenge, the barrier of 6.374.599 won by Georgios, back in 2009. This number marked the highest jackpot given by Mega Moolah, so it will surely probe interesting to see if it can pass this mark. At this pace, the second mark would be surpassed in another 7 days, so if it keeps going by the end of the month, all records will be broken. After that, players will start to ponder on the 7 million mark.

In the present there are six online slot games that are doing their part to increase the progressive jackpot, including the adventurous The Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight, which we covered some time ago. If we can be sure about something, is that when it hits, it will be big… and it will be amazing.

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