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Microgaming howls Untamed Wolf Pack Online Slot

August 29, 2012 121 0

In a continual tradition of online excellence, the new online slot of software masters Microgaming will go live in the first days of September. We are talking about an online slot for the savage and wild ones, in search of a thrill and lots of adrenaline. Combine this with the keen developer eye of Microgaming and you will sure be facing one of the best online slots in the market.

243 ways to Jackpot City

Carrying the name of Untamed Wolf Pack, you will be taken into a trip to the unknown. You shall face majestic mountains, the rough colds of the artic and desolated landscapes, where you will find yourself at your toes, will having some fun. Sum the creativeness of the slot theme and some state of the art graphics and fluid gameplay experience and well… you have something special in your hands. Always consider that all wilderness can come with a price, proper safety measures regarding online slot gaming is a must for every old and new player. This new online slot is the third one of what Microgaming calls the “Untamed Series”. Each of the slots follows the wild and extreme theme, but always from different angles.

A peculiarity of this online slot is that the player actually has 243 ways to win. It also offers some neat features. For starters, you have Collect A-Wild: just like the name states it, it is wild. For every wild symbol on the reels, a wild token appears. When you sum 4 of these wild tokens, the reel becomes wild for four spins. You can expand this bonus to 5 reels if you are lucky enough, expanding your bonuses chances by a considerable margin. Then you have Lucky Nodge which basically functions as a bonus to the already big chances you have to unlock some free spins.

Innovative feature “Running Wilds”

Now, these two features sound cool enough, but working in a Casino Blog, they have a feeling of been there and done that before. It wouldn’t be Microgaming if the online slot hadn’t a hidden trick. This hidden trick comes in the form Running Wilds. Basically in the run of the free spins, the wild symbol goes stacked. Then, for every following free spin, the player accumulates one another wild symbol, doesn’t matter in which reel the wild symbol lands. Therefore, by the end of the tenth free spin, you will have 12 symbols in your account.

If this doesn’t make you interested enough, check out what the CEO of Microgaming had to said on their new online slot, “We are extremely excited about the launch of the Untamed Wolf Pack video slot, and the continuing success of the series. At Microgaming, we believe in constantly striving for better and with each installment of the Untamed series, the quality continues to surpass itself. We hope that the launch of Untamed Wolf Pack will not only satisfy existing fans of the Untamed series but attract new players as well.”

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