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Monks Secretly filmed playing high stake poker

May 14, 2012 58 0

When we think of Monks, the picture that comes to the mind is that of a frugal individual who is devout on his religion, and avoid all the pleasures associated with life. A recent leaked video, however, waters down this myth- Monks too love fun!

In the video, obtained by Reuters, it shows monks playing high stake poker while drinking and smoking. The monks appear as seasoned poker players, viewing the video; it could pass out just like any other gambling hall. More than $875,000 was on the table, the money is believed to be from donation funds. The game was played in a hotel, and apparently lasted for thirteen hours. The incident has since been reported to the police, and the monks are expected to be arraigned in court since gambling is illegal in South Korea.


Following the release of the video, six leaders all from South Korea highest Buddhist order, Jaseung, six leaders have resigned in a bid to save face. The order has also apologized to the country and to all Buddhist in the country who are estimated to be 12 million. The head of the order has promised to personally seek “repentance” for the actions of its members.

The video was leaked just some few days before the country of South Korea observes the holiest religious event in their calendar- the Birth day of Buddha, the Founder of Buddhism.

The secretary general of the Buddhist solitary for reform, Chung Yoon-sun, said that the scandal showed that there is need to audit the money donated to Monks, which is large and is untaxed.

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