More April Casino News bulletin

1- Batavia Downs Casino expansion Okayed by the New York State lottery

Batavia Downs casino has just announced that its $27 million dollar expansion has been approved by the New York State lottery. The Expansion is set to start off immediately; According, to the press release by the casino the expansion will cover the cost of repairing roofs, replacing of the facility neon lights with an energy efficient LED one, and that the facilities second-gaming floor will be brought to the ground level.

The project is expected to be one of the biggest projects in the western region of New York this year.

“We are pleased to announce the beginning of this long-anticipated project” said the president of the western Regional Off-Track Betting and Batavia Downs Casino, Mr. Mike Kane. He further added that the construction of the facility will create jobs both during the building of the new facility and once the casino is up and running.

Beneficial to the community,

Batavia downs Casino has contributed positively to the local community since 2005. The casino has contributed over $107 million dollars to the New York State Education through the lottery and over $71 million has been distributed to over 15 counties of the Western New-York and the two cities of Rochester and Buffalo.

As part of the expansion, 200 more machines will be added to the gaming floor in addition to a new restaurant to be added to the casino.

2- Money is over-flowing at the Intertops casino in the month of April

The place to be know is at the intertops casino has they have over $70,000 up for grabs. It will further interest you to know that everyone has an equal chance of winning from the high-roller to the casual player.

As it is the tradition at the Intertops casino, whenever you play games, you earn points, and you are automatically ranked depending on the points you have accumulated in one of the six levels depending on the deposits, losses and wins you achieve. Each month, the casino gives out generous casino bonuses through a random draws that is carried out at each level.

According to the manager, every player who play at the casino is gives a special consideration and there is always something for every-one. This is inspired by the knowledge that players always love bonuses. Six random draws scheduled to take place on May 3rd will be held. The draws will cover each point level. Great prizes will be awarded including three were the cash price to be paid will be $1,000. Players can accumulate there point up to the night of May 2 nd. Players can see their current point and ranking anytime on the online score board. Since its entry in 1998, Interlops, has worked hard and smart to earning the reputation as one of the world most trusted online poker and casinos in the world.

3- Cleveland casino out to ensure that clients never go home hungry


Cleveland’s casino is out to ensure that its gamblers will never leave the casino due to hunger. The casino has just opened a new 400- seat buffer restaurant dubbed “The spread”. The restaurant has a variety of menu to Cather for diverse client such as Italian, American, Cajun, Eastern European, and Asian.

All meals covered

The casino restaurant will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner and on Sundays, Brunch will be offered with the lunch buffet priced at $15.99 and the dinner at $23.99. Members get a discount of $2.

The casino restaurant will open its doors on May 14th.

4- Pennsylvania woman wins $13,000

Almost tired of gambling without winning?

If yes, the news that a Pennsylvanian woman won $13,000 on Tuesday after only playing for ten minutes should definitely lift your spirit. Such news only confirms the assertion that, in gambling, you never really know when lady luck will smile at you.

The winner only indentified as Diana, was lucky enough to hit a straight Flush on Tuesday while playing on the Let it Ride table at the Four Queens casino. The let it ride game is based on a five-card stud. To her this news will come as a big relief as she will use the money to repay off her car loan.

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