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More comfort at WSOP with introduction of new chairs

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It is naturally that when you are seating for long hours, you want a comfortable surrounding with respect to room temperature among other considerations, but perhaps the most important aspect in ensuring your comfort is the place you are seating on. Poker players often play for a long period of time, and as such, they require a comfortable place to sit on. Toward this goal, WSOP 2012 has introduced new chairs to ensure that players are comfortable as they fight it out for the golden bracelet.

The new chairs will replace the oval black leather chairs that have been in use since 2005. The chairs are from the MTS/Burgess collection. The new chairs are firm and have an excellent cushion for sitting on. They are also designed to offer flexibility where players can comfortably lean back without falling.  According to the manufacturers of the chairs, the chairs have been designed to offer “a perfect functionality of balance.” The chairs color is also a departure from the bland tan color it previously had. On the flip-side, the chairs have no arm rests and the back is quite stiff.

Player’s praise

The new chairs have already gained some fans with the recent bracelet winner praising the new design of the chairs. When asked to comment on the new chairs, he had only one answer “I love them.”

Team Poker star David Williams also had praise on the chairs he wrote this on his twitter handle @dwpokwer

“Thanks@WSOp and @WSOPTD for the new comfortable new chairs in the Amazon room!”

Environmentalist will also like the new chairs as they are eco-friendly, and meet all the set standards for flammability. The older model of the chairs had tears, wobbles and rips and if you sat on them for too long, you will end up experiencing some pain.

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