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New England studies on Gambling Life – casino news

March 18, 2013 76 0

 It is a common belief that gambling is the only factor that draws casino enthusiasts to casinos. By gambling consider the thrill of slots games, play poker, blackjack, even some old fashioned sports betting. However, this casino news might make things different, as new studies have showed that sometimes the common belief… isn’t the truth.

Entertainment Amenities

Gambling is one of the many factors that draw people to a casino. This is a fact, but in the last few years gambling has taken a back seat as a drawing factor. Entertainment amenities have been the main interest in visitors to casinos in the last five years informs the Dartmouth Center in a new report regarding casino life.

It’s no casino news that the industry is always finding new ways to caught the attention of players and visitors. Even so, it comes as a surprising fact to see the casino industry investing more money on entertainment amenities than on gambling machines/infrastructure.  This marks a solid step in the market evolution, as the needs continue to change.

Key part of the Report

Titled: “Bring It On Home: An Overview of Gaming Behavior in New England”, the report is already causing its fair share of echoes through the casino community. The report has gone live since Monday, focused on the New England casino news scene. However, these results are in many ways applicable to other casino markets, as a result of the globalization. We have copied a part of the report that will surely prove interesting to casino enthusiasts:

“The casino industry as a whole continues to implement strategies aimed at expanding non-gaming amenities and relying less on gambling dollars,” the authors of the report state. “This trend is reflected in the New England gaming market, where a declining percentage of visitors to Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Twin River, and to a lesser extent Newport Grand report they gambled at these facilities in the last 12 months.”

Declining percentage of Gamblers

Other key fact that was obtained from the report, is that  a 52 percent of the respondents have participated in some form of betting/gambling in the last year. This takes into account online gambling as many other variants of the casino experience. Physical presence casino gambling took the third post, behind lottery and scratch tickets, a personal favorite of New England.

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