New Games and Floor-Wide Technology Release by Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies Inc. is one of the leading brands of gaming solutions around the world and its followers have all the good reasons to be excited this Wednesday. Bally technologies have announced that they will be exhibiting a wide range of new Games and Floor-Wide Technology content by which we can infer that there will either be a new content for existing games made by them or they will introduce new games or both. Fans are excited for both because there is much anticipation that they will refresh the casino floors once again as new games attract customers from all around. News was spread around by the Ricardo Regner, Senior Director of Bally Technologies in Latin America mentioning the success of the company in recent years. He described briefly about the products that are going to be launched and spoke high of the cutting-edge technologies they have engineered.

This content is going to be launched in FADJA trade show which now has become a great attraction for the fun lovers. Bally Technologies have been launching their products and enhancements on this show for consecutively four years now and has become almost an essential for the show as they call it. This year FADJA trade show is going to be held on April 11-12, 2012 in Bogotá, Columbia. Among many other participants, stand #52 is going to attract more attention of people who love to be in the world of casinos. This is the stand of Bally which will have new play mechanics for many game already installed in almost every casino out there. Another product that Ricardo talked about while providing little details about the launch on the trade show is the applications for bonuses around the floor. He claimed that this system is going to create unmatched entertainment and will improve the casino environment as a whole. According to reports there are going to be 30 unique games at least and many cutting edge technologie
s. It is very important that they continuously improve their systems to avoid hacking and system manipulation.

Those of you who have been to the casinos but do not know about the manufacturer do not need to worry because its world famous games are going to make Bally introduced instantly. They are one of the leading manufacturers of slots, video machines, miscellaneous interactive applications and even whole casino management. They also have global server-based systems for the gaming industry that has revolutionized this field completely. Its famous games include Michael Jackson King of Pop, Fish’n for loot, Break the Ice, Betty Poops fortune teller and many more. Its systems such as Elite Bonusing suite, Promotional Kiosk, Table view, Bally Command center are currently in operation in many casinos around the world. They have also prepared business intelligence systems that include very sophisticated algorithms and research work.

The new game that should be anxiously awaited by the fans is GREASE which is the first dual-play game by Bally Technologies. This game allows the player to play two games at once which means that its dual fun in the same time spent. GREASE also makes use of iDeck service which offers extra points and additional free games when the player dances on the floor. They are also offering shooting mania game U-shoot where player touches the deck to select weapon and hit targets in the virtual shooting gallery. There are going to be games that make use of curved LCDs such as Moon Goddess, Sun God, Cash Cruise and many more. All in all it is surely going to be real fun to attend FADJA trade show and bring back stories for your friends and family who love casino games.