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Oktoberfest luck by Fortune Lounge

July 10, 2012 96 0

Fortune Lounge is one of the biggest webs of online casino in the world. Their reputation is impeccable, only surpassed by their services. One of the key aspects that has made them this huge, is their promotion policy. Every now and then, they launch big promotions that attract thousands of players all around the world. Coming next, it is a promotion based on Oktoberfest, a festival that marks one of the most important cultural dates in Europe. For more news on promotions, you can check our  Casino News Section

Generous prices

Basically, the promotion says that the four top winners, will win a paid trip for two to the Oktoberfest, to be helmed in Munich. There other prices for the ones who don’t make the top four as well, like Diamond Status valid your entire life for the fifth and seventh positions. Players ranging between the eighth and twentieth shall get Diamond Status for an entire year. After that, there will be other smaller prices for the not so lucky. Taken from Fortune Lounge itself ;

” Take up our challenge and you could win an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Oktoberfest! Soon, you and a friend could be drinking some of the tastiest beers in the world, eating a variety of traditional foods, and rubbing shoulders with other casino VIPs.”

If you want to have a shot in winning some of these incredible prices, you have to play your chances in the Oktoberfest challenge, between July 18 and August 21. For detailed information about the mechanics of the game and general instructions of the fortune lounge  promotion, you should log to the casino software. Below there are some details of the rounds.

Promotion basics

The first round will be made between July 18 and July 24. To enter, there is a minimum betting of 100 credits on  Quest for Beer. We also remember you that there is a playing fee of 100 credits prior. Winners of this round, will be awarded with 1.000 credits and thus head towards Round 2. This round will be made between July 26 and July 31. This round consists of a tournament of Thunderstruck II, being the prize a share of 1.500 credits. Another way of entering Round 3, is simply paying 200 credits. Round 3 will be held between August 9 and August 14 . You should at least bet 200 credits on Steinfest. Here you will be awarded one ticket for the lucky draw for every day you bet that week and a generous amount of 2.500 credits. Finally comes Round 4 that will be held between August 16 and August 21. Here the rules are simpler. All players will have to bet with the objective of getting the most Reward points possible.  Should you be one of the lucky top 20 players, you get a place in the final lucky draw.

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