Olympic slot Wild Games

The Olympic Games are just around the corner, beginning officially next week. All around the world, excitement and anxiety reign, as the top athletes will fight head to head for the ultimate prize:  the gold and the fame. Of course, there isn’t a thing as too much of something good, so the world of online slots will get its share of the action. Renowned casino software developer Playtech, has presented a new Olympic themed slot, named Wild Games. The innovative part comes in the way that we won’t see humans competing, but animals. If you ever wondered how a cheetah would do against a hippo in the 100 metres, this online slot will be your cup of tea.

Wild Guide

The slot machine will count with 3 animals: bulldog, cheetah and hippo. The first thing you need to know, is that the wild symbol is the trophy, also enabling you the chance to get the highest line payout. The 3 animals, do their part as symbols on the reels. Next you have the medals (gold, silver and bronze) that do the part of bonus symbols. Get three of more of the same kind and take a nice medal bonus. After that a minigame begins in the reels, where you will have to choose one of the medals that triggered the minigame, alas getting a cash bonus.  A different bonus appears when you get three of the same symbols on the middle reel. We won’t get into details, but lets just say every bonus is totally different, thus increasing the playing value of the machine.

Themed 2012

This year has seen a great variety of new innovative themed slot machines, every time taking more and more into account the time and money investment that player does. May it be a Batman themed slot or one based on Ice Hockey (two classics of Playtech), it seems Casino Developers are putting a lot more effort to distinguish their online slot machines from the rest.

Where can you play this game

If you wish to try Wild Games, you can head to Casino Tropez, one of the main casinos of Playtech. Just remember, as in the Olympics, its a hard way to get the gold. But once you have it… it’s  a feeling you will never forget.