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Omni Casino promotions are Santa(stic)!

December 19, 2012 93 0

This coming Christmas is having lots of backup from the online casino world. There are hundreds of new casino promotions out there, but not enough time to cover them all, let alone exploit each and every one. Omni Casino is doing its part, having launched a Christmas themed promotion on December 15. The promotion is titled Santa’s Surprise. The promotion functions in a random manner, giving gifts to lucky players all around the online casino. There is only one requirement to be eligible for this promotion and it is to log on the casino and click the Santa Surprise logo. Doing so will enable the player the chance to see the Santa Surprise special of the day.

One gifty Santa

Gifts as was said before will be given in a random manner. The gift offers are the same to each player. Factors that normally influence promotions (VIP level, deposit history, time being a member) aren’t taken into account. Being a Christmas tradition to not open the gifts until the dawn of the 25 of December, players that win something won’t be able to know what, although they will receive a notification if the win something. Prizes vary from cash bonuses, special contests up to $500, match up bonuses, free slot play cash bonuses and so on. Many of the prizes were directly taken from the wish lists of many players, therefore reflecting the care Omni Casino takes of its users.

Other Christmas promotions of Omni Casino

The Santa’s Surprise isn’t the only promotion functioning at Omni Casino. Other Christmas promotions include a Gift Box Bonus, which will become available December 20. This Gift Box Bonus will give players a $100 boost. Apart from this, all Omni Casino members will get a succulent 100% bonus for the first deposit that ranges from $30 until $100. This bonus consists of credits that will only be usable for playing at the site.

If you want to keep up with the festive spirit this holidays, start by getting to Omni Casino and taking advantage!

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