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One Big 48 million poker prize pool

July 6, 2012 50 0

Poker tournaments are a common event in almost every casino of the world. The “big” ones tend to make a prize pool of over 25 or maybe 30 million dollars. This kind of tournaments are pretty exclusive, as you need to pay over 500.000 dollars to compete and be willing to play against experts that make a living out of the game, you could even call poker a job for some of them. What happened was that for the first time in history, a prize pool of 42 million dollars was achieved by a tournament . Carrying the name of the “Big One for One Drop”, the event lasted three days, and there was a winner. Antonio Esfandiari, filled his pocket with $18.3 million dollars. After the event, he claimed to the media “I feel like the President”. Although, someone in the audience said that the President makes $400.000 a year. The poker player won more than 45 times the amount the President does in one year.

Inspiration is an opportunistic weapon

There is already speculation about a script and a future movie about the exploits of this player as his history is a particular one.  Esfandiari firstly wasn’t keen on playing in the Big one. His role regarding the tournament, was to be doing the commentary for the event, as he though was an easy way to make some money. While he was deciding on doing the commentary or not, he lost another tournament, placing in the 3rd place. The prize pool of this one was of 1.6 million dollars, a much smaller amount. This defeat inspired him, so he ditched the commentary gig, and went straight to the poker table. Let’s say it was a good decision, as he walked home with 48 million dollars. Many players of the Big One are surely wishing Esfandiari had won the smaller tournament.  Sam Trickett surely wishes so, as he walked home with the mere amount of 10 million dollars and the second place.

Family bonds

For this win, the poker player also received a platinum bracelet, which he gave as a present to his father. He shared with the media ““He’s been my biggest supporter. I love him to death; he’s the greatest man on the planet. He gave up a lot to move us to this country, everything basically. So to win this for him and give him the bracelet means the world to me. I’m going to wear this tonight but after tonight it’s my Dad’s bracelet.”

If you have interest in participating in poker tournaments, in this link you can find a concise article with information regarding many kinds of poker tournaments so you find which one would be best suited for you.

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