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Online Bingo: How Fair Is It?

August 13, 2018 136 0

There’s been a lot said and written in reference to playing bingo online. Thanks to its ever-growing popularity and the relative simplicity when it comes to playing, many people flock to the web to gain information that helps them answer some of their more pressing concerns.

Among these questions readers want to know not only where the best places to play online are but also what strategies and tips they can employ in order to better their chances.

Beyond that though, there also remains one other all-important question that seems to concern even the most casual of online bingo players; is bingo fair?

In reference to this crucial question we’ll take a look at the issue and try to formulate the most appropriate answer.


For the most part there is a process that one goes through when they check for bingo online. Usually the first step is to head to a search engine, put in a query of your choice and then trawl through the results until you find something that best represents what it is you’re after.

What should really be happening in this process however is that you should restrict yourself to filter through those sites that appear safe from those that obviously don’t.

As the online gambling industry is fairly unregulated (although things are improving), there are lots of imposter sites out there that can trick people into handing over money and then not delivering. That’s why, at least for the time being, it makes sense to head only to the big-name sites that have an established reputation behind them.

These might not be the sites that appear first in the search engines but rather those that have been recommended to you by a friend or those that have been talked about or listed in reputable media outlets.

The sites you want to play at are the ones that have been around for years and have built a solid reputation that can be seen through a positive brand image. These are the types of places you can be assured of playing bingo safely, as well as other games. They also, more importantly and unlike these imposter sites, actually pay their winners.

Generating Money

Of course you shouldn’t jump into online bingo with dreams of striking out and making a pretty dollar. Most of the sites you’ll play at will offer only small stakes, meaning you don’t stand to win as much at bingo as you would at other popular casino favorites.

That said, stick with the big sites and you’ll often be rewarded. This is because they are far more likely to hold promotions and build up prize pools that you, as a keen player, can take full advantage of.

Bingo being largely social too, you’ll see that most people playing online know each other. This is another clue that can help you identify the safe sites as they almost always have some kind of community of players who come together frequently and interact beyond the actual gambling itself.

Recognizing that, and sticking to playing solely at these safe sites, your chances of generating money playing at bingo dramatically increase.

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