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Online Casino Affiliate Programs

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The online casino business is extremely competitive. New online casino sites appear on a regular basis, meaning that every casino has to constantly find ways to attract new and retain existing players. Attaining high volumes of internet traffic is a very important part of this.

Casino Affiliate Programs came about as a result of these traffic needs. Casino affiliate programs are formed by partnerships between online casino operators and webmasters, and they can be very profitable to both parties. The webmasters help to refer the much needed traffic to the online casinos, requiring very little or none of their own money. A person or company who promotes or sells products on behalf of someone else is deemed to be an “affiliate”.

Choosing the Right Casino Affiliate Program

There are several Casino affiliate programs in existence, which are made up of a number of online casino operators. A website administrator can join a particular affiliate program which then allows them to display casino links and banner advertising on their website. These links and banners have unique referral URLs which allow the casino affiliate program (and the webmaster) to track how many times they have been clicked, and how many clicks have converted to a ‘sale’, i.e., sign-up. Every successful referral of a visitor to the advertised online casino attracts a financial reward.

Most casino affiliate programs allow you to choose from two commission options. You can either receive commission by revenue share (a percentage) or by CPA (cost-per-action). The CPA option awards a one-off payment on the successful referral of a new player. If you choose to receive commission by revenue share, you don’t just receive a one-off payment; instead you benefit from a continuous percentage of the referred player’s casino income for the duration of their time spent actively playing at the casino.

Choosing CPA commission can net you some much needed cash very quickly. However, if you’re in it for the long-term, choosing the revenue share option gives you a regular income and, if you’re lucky enough to refer a high-roller, can mean big money. So for very minimal effort on the webmaster’s part, joining a casino affiliate program can be a very lucrative decision.

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