Online Casinos – Don’t Just Click and Play

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No matter where in the world it is, there is always good and bad business practice. Fortunately the good far outweigh the bad. Online Casinos are no exception to this rule. It was Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean that passed the free trade act in 1994 issuing online Casino licenses to potential applicants. That same year the first internet gambling established was launched powered by Cryptologic software as a safe and secure company. In 1996 the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in regulating the gaming industry and also granting licenses internet Casinos and Poker sites. Regulation was important in keeping the gambling market fair and transparent.

In just three years’ time websites grew from just a handful to over 200 in 1997. The massive growth of online Casinos today has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. While honest respectful sites launch there is always one that manages to slip through the cracks with less than ethical business practice.

With literally thousands of online gambling sites to choose from it can be overwhelming to know which ones to play at and which ones to avoid. In this market a gamblers best friend is a Casino Affiliate. It is here you’ll find the most up to date information regarding everything there is to know about an online Casino. But what’s most important is to also find a reputable affiliate site first and foremost.

What determines a solid Casino affiliate that has the gamblers best interest at heart? There are several things to look for including is there list of Casinos that players are advised to avoid or are well known rogue casinos recommended. Additionally are there detailed reviews that also include players’ opinions unedited.

To determine a quality Casino Affiliate site they should include one or more the following:

• Warning List/Blacklisted casinos to avoid
• Reviews that include the reasons why a Casino is considered rogue
• Player comments and opinions about their experience
• Exclusive offers are not promoted by the Casino affiliate
• Honest detailed reviews covering important information about the Casino
• Ratings for each Casino

What determines a Rogue Casino?

There a several factors that will determine and label a casino “rogue”. Before determining whether or not to play at a casino verify it with a reliable affiliate site first. When considering a new Casino for the first time one of the first things to check out is the Terms and Conditions page. Some predatory terms will include but are not limited to:
• Unrealistic wagering requirements on bonuses
• Wagering requirements more than 1x on straight deposits
• Restricting certain countries from withdrawing winnings more than the amount of deposit
• Low weekly/monthly withdrawals limits
• Processing payouts in unnecessarily long time periods
• Declining a payout at any time, for any reason with no explanation

Each Casino should be licensed and regulated under a reputable jurisdiction that is clearly listed on their website. Most common reputable jurisdictions Curacao, United Kingdom, Antigua & Barbuda, Kahnawake, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Malta, Anguilla and more.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) will ensure all games are working at optimal levels providing fair and honest outcomes. RNG results give a fair playing field where no one player can predict the results of any game.

A newbie gambler entering the online arena for the first time can become easy prey. Being lured into less than desirable Casinos by promotions that are too good to be true usually mean they are. Even seasoned gamblers that have been playing for years need to seek the advice from a solid affiliate site. For a list of Casinos to avoid check out two time affiliate awarding winner Latest Casino Bonuses or Games and Casinos. Remember don’t just click and play, research first because knowledge gives more playing power to win.