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Online Olympic Fun – All Star Slots

August 6, 2012 68 0

It surely is a crowded month in the world of casino promotions related to the Summer Olympic Games, being disputed as we speak in England. Last week was the turn of Bovada Casino, with its ongoing promo based on the quantity of medals United States will get in the Olympics. Now All Star Slots online casino has its chance to shine, with this new promotion that will run parallel to the Olympics. Ideal for those players that want their share of the competitive spirit that characterise the Olympics so well.

4 doorways to big bonuses

Basically, All Star Slots online casino has made four bonus codes. Each of these codes, is for one of the countries that historically tend to win a huge number of medals. These ones are: United States, China, Russia and Canada. Then players just have to choose one of these codes and by the end of the Olympics, they must have deposited at least eleven times at All Stars Slots online casino. When the Summer Olympics end, players will get a juicy bonus, directly related to the number of medals won by the country they previously picked. We seriously advice players to choose USA or China, as these two countries have by far won more medals than the other two. Of course, here at CasinoCheers we respect patriotism and sentimentality, but we respect even more big winnings, after all we are a Casino News Blog.

For Olympics themed games enthusiasts, you can head to our Wild Games coverage, a new online slot made by software developers Playtech  So you can be more informed, in 2008 Beijing Olympics, United States took 110 medals, China 100 medals, Russia 73 medals and lastly Canada, that took 18 medals. History tends to repeat itself, so act accordingly.


To be able to join the fun, the necessary deposits can be made on any game offered at All Star Slots online casino. The tricky part is that the deposit along with the bonus have to be wagered at least 25 times before you can retrieve the money. A great additive of this  promotion is that it doesn’t cancel the standard permanent offers All Star Slots online casino is known for. This means you get a chance to do some nice combos between other promotions and this one.  All Star slots online casino is powered by Casino Software masters Realtime Gaming. The Olympic mood is prevalent in their games, as you can find many Olympic themed and sports themed slots machines.

To visit the web and join the fun, wait no more and click  All stars online casino

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