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Payline Slots and mythical double

June 22, 2012 83 0

If you want to become a prolific slot player, the more information you have the better. You must remember that Casinos are huge enterprises, and the odds… are against you. The thrill of doing a fortune comes with a price. Luckily, not everything are tears, as with the right amount of information on the subject, you may take better decisions on where to bet, how much and when to have your day.

Following our last article Mathematics slots and knowledge and thus finalizing this epic saga on slot machines, I leave you with “Payline Slots and mythical double”.

One Payline against Three Paylines

As many of you know, in most case scenarios, Slot Machine displays the Centerline marked as a payline. To get something out of it, your objective is to obtain a winning combination on the payline. Sounds simple enough, but in most Slot Machines you have three different paylines, which means that if you obtain a winning combination in one of the paylines, you will make a profit. The basic benefit of going for three paylines, is that the “luck” factor of winning, is greatly increased. If that wasn’t enough, being the case that winning combinations appear on the other paylines, your profit would be multiplied. The thing is, casinos are business (and I don’t get tired reminding that to everyone) and if you are lucky to win something, that something will usually be very small. The top Jackpots are won in the scenario you get the proper symbols on the third payline and that’s not something easy to do.

Another problem with these machines is the amount of coins required, which might be three-coins, four-coins or even eight-coins for each pull. So some incredible advice in Payline Slots and mythical double would be: go for the two-coin maximum, three reel and One Payline Slot Machines.

Double-Up Symbols

Finally, we have the always attractive double up symbols. It usually takes the form of a circle or something similar to a diamond inside a circle, but do not worry, a big “Double” is displayed, so that you always realize. Making honor to its representative name, the payoff corresponds to the double and these Double Symbols take the place of any other one. The thing is, there aren’t that much Double-Up Slot Machines at Casinos. If there are, they are well hidden in an murky corner, surrounded by infamous machines (remember, Casinos are business).

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