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Phil Ivey chance of adding his bracelet tally denied by Brilliant Frankenberger

June 13, 2012 52 0

Watching the final table of the $10,000 pot limit Hold’em event it was almost certain that Phil Ivey was going to add to his bracelet tally, but has fate would have it, he will have to wait for another day. The man who won it was Andy Frankenberger, a former derivative trader now turned professional poker player. This is a sweet victory for Andy, as the final table featured some of the most accomplished names in poker such as Matt Marafioti, Shaun Dee, Ali Eslami, and Hoyt Corkins to name, but a few. This was Andy second bracelet at the WSOP earning himself $445, 899 in cash. The Winner Andy Frankenberger is one interesting character.

The man Andy Frankenberger

In life, some people have a Midas touch, everything that they touch turns to gold. Andy is one such man. This, however, does not mean that he is a man who has achieved success on a silver platter. The 39 year old, is a person with an interesting personality one that is not easily found in many professional poker players. Born in the United States, he would later move to Siberia (one of the coldest regions on earth) as an exchange student. During this time, he would perfect his spoken Russian, a language that he now speaks flawlessly. He is an economic graduate of Duke University.

Wall Street

Armed with an economic degree, Andy headed to every businessperson dream location, Wall Street. There he established himself as a successful derivatives trader. He made lots of money as a trader. At the height of his business success, he did the unimaginable. He left his job. His decision to leaves his job where he was literally minting money speaks volume of the kind of man he is. Later he would explain his action this way

“I could have hung out for a year or two and make more money in the process. But, I had this feeling that I was not growing as a person, it was time to find new challenges”

Life as a professional poker player

After quitting his job, Andy took off some time off to tour the world before channeling his energies towards poker. He started his career playing in several Mid-grade tournaments across the United States. He soon discovered that he was good in the game, which gave him the impetus to play more and with time refined his skills. The lessons he picked, as a trader was to prove instrumental in shaping his playing style. Poker just like trading requires someone to be proactive and a risk taker among other attributes. The year 2010, was a pivotal year for Andy as he started playing the game full time. His dedication to playing earned him the coveted World Poker tour player of the year award after winning the 2010 Venetian Deepstack championship, and the 2010 WPT legends of poker main event. He was now ripe to compete with the best of the best players in the world

Enter WSOP

Andy moment to shine came at the $1500 buy-in No-limit Hold’em where he earned his first golden bracelet and a whopping $599,153 in cash. His arrival at the world stage was to be confirmed at the WSOP 2012 where in the final table he was to come face to face with one of the finest poker players in our generation, Phil Ivey. At the end of the day, he was the winner. He now has two bracelets representing two WSOP victories in as many years. Andy story is a perfect script for a Hollywood blockbuster, one that shows that life is all about taking risks and making wise decisions.


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