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PKR TV – the Leading Live Online Casino Service

December 3, 2012 76 0

PKR.com has become the leading site in the three-dimensional online poker revolution. A formal announcement they made in the last days takes them to a whole new level, becoming one of the most popular casino industry channels in YouTube. The mark PKR TV service achieved is an outstanding 500.000 views, now likely more.

The sole objective of PKR TV has been to provide solid coverage of the best online casino tournaments around. Till this day, the have given more than 400 shows, making them a true force within the media. PKR.com stands as a place willing to give the spotlight to players, letting them show their abilities to the world.

Experts Input

One of the biggest requirements for a casino show is to have charismatic hosts that understand the game. PKR TV achieves this, having Dan Grant alongside the beautiful Rachael Downie, carrying the show making it extremely watchable and addictive. Both are joined by casino experts Scot Shelley and Vladimir Geshkenbein, giving special insight when needed. Sometimes famous players are invited to act as guest hosts, so celebrities also find their way to the show. All the exceptional and tense finals of $270 buy-in PKR events are covered inside the channel.

On the Poker Channel, on a daily basis players will be to able to find PKR TV content. The Poker Channel has a wide range, reaching more than 35 million homes along Europe & Latin America. The Poker Channel also conveys Special Casino Tips and tutorials made by the top players in PKR, so those looking for live help to refine their abilities, this is the place. There is also direct coverage from huge gambling events, featuring the likes of the World Poker Tour and the Dublin Stop

Live Special Tips Sessions

Dan Grant, spokesman and special analysis team leader shared “Winning a tournament or running a huge cash game bluff, these are the moments we play poker for”. “To have them recorded for posterity and analyzed by pros is something we want every level of PKR.com player to have.”

It is known that watching the pros can provide a lot of tips to amateur players and pros alike. Being YouTube the leading video media distributing site of the whole web, PKR TV isn’t going anywhere.

For those wandering how the show is like, here we will leave a video taken from PKR TV directly from YouTube:


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