Plans to construct a mega-casino hit a snag

Plans to construct a major casino complex in the state of Georgia have hit a snag, after the state authorities refused to issue the green light for the construction of the complex. The proposed casino was to cost$1 billion, and part of the proceeds from the casino was to be used to fund the Hope casino scholarship program, and boost the local economy.

The chairman of the Georgian, lottery board said that they do not have authority to authorize the construction of the casino after the casino developer David O’Leary had presented the proposal to the board on Thursday the 19th. According to the chairman of the board, James Braswell, the decision for the construction of the casino lays with the Georgian general assembly.

More obstacles,

The governor of Georgia is on record to opposing the construction of the gambling complex. The governor had this to say when asked about the construction of the casino

“My position of this is clear, and I will not agree to the construction of anything that looks like a casino, and the plan for the construction of this complex has all the aspects that define a casino”

He further stated that the state of Georgia has a very successful lottery system, and there is need for the protection of this system.


According to the developer David O’Leary, the complex was to generate approximately $350 million annually toward the funding of the Hope Scholarship, and create 2500 hundred jobs. However, with the obstacles presented to the project. This goal will not be realized soon if ever.

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