Poker Notes Live – Casino News for Smartphone Users!

caCurrently there no person that doesn’t has a Smartphone. Inside these machines, there are thousands of apps that serve different purposes. However, just recently, the Android and IPhone market have received a new kind of app, designed specially to poker games enthusiasts. The casino news of the day goes to Poker Notes Live, an application developed to change the way players play the game.

Ultimate Mobile Poker Application

Poker Notes Live lets the players take notes during live poker games. The application is designed in such a way players will be able to utilize it in an agile manner while playing live poker games. Important details as who is the bluffer, notes of specific conducts in specific situations and Poker Tells can now be written from the commodity of a Smart Phone

Through this tool players will be able to take note of all those important details that they can observe in a live poker game, and then analyze them to take advantage of their rivals weak points. This kind of application exists for desktop computers, but this one is the first designed exclusively for Smart Phones.

Simple Interface

This application has a very simple interface, and to record our victories or defeats, and comes in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch and French. It’s no casino news that such a complete application would come with a prize, however, it offers a trial version of 30 days. This way players will be able to see how it works and if according to their poker experience, will benefit them in future poker games.