PokerStars launch Zoom Poker

After two months In the Beta testing stage, PokerStars has launched Zoom Poker. This now make zoom poker a formal game offered by the world’s largest online poker room. Zoom poker is the same as Rush poker will the major difference being that Zoom poker is a fast paced game. Basically, the mechanics of this games don’t differ widely from other poker games, it anybody who has ever played poker can play Zoom poker without any difficulty.

How the game is played

In Zoom Poker, players compete against a group of players in different games stakes and types. With a player facing a new group of players at the table every hand. While playing, players can fold at any point during the hand. Once a player’s turn comes to an end, the player is moved to a new table regardless of whether there is fold or a win., in a survey done in March estimated that a quarter of all the cash games played on Pokerstar was Zoom poker.

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