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Pokerstars Micromillions – low stakes online poker Tournament

November 4, 2012 83 0

Hearing the echoes of WSOP, we present players an entirely new offering. Between November 15 and 25, players all around the world will get the chance to join the third edition of the great Pokerstars MicroMillions. The tournaments prize pool will be around $5 million, an increased amount since the last tournaments offering.

Double Q (Quantity and Quality)

One of the trademarks of Pokerstars MicroMillions is to offer a huge number of tournaments per day. Normally, online poker events offer two or three tournaments each day until the end. Pokerstars MicroMillions takes another approach, offering around ten tournaments per day.

There will be three or two hours breaks between each one, so interested players are advised to organize their agendas, as there will be many opportunities for them to join. For more news and general coverage on online poker tournaments, you can always check Casino News.

Entry Cost

The ticket will vary from each tournament, ranging from 12 cents to $22. Pokerstars Micromillions objective is to make the event as accessible as possible to everyone. The event will conclude in a NLHE, where the winner will take the big prize, $1 million.

Pokerstars is one of the biggest poker webs in the entire internet. Their name is known even to non-casino players and has become a synonym of quality. Their philosophy is to offer tournaments both for professional and amateur players, knowing that sometimes amateurs are forgotten.

If you want to join, you can click Pokerstars MicroMillions and start having some fun. The event begins today.

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