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Prepared for the Angriness? Birds of Fury online slot

September 5, 2012 64 0

In the bright light of sunrise, there is nothing like spotting a bird crossing the skies. It reminds us of the concept of freedom, as these animals gently fly towards the unknown. A sense of peace and quiet appears in our hearts, as the bird fades in our memory…This isn’t the case new glamorous online slot found at Bovada Casino. Carrying the name of “Birds of Fury”, there is nothing peaceful about these feathered animals.

These birds are greedy and angry, being their only with that you, the player, doesn’t take their money. Of course, they don’t deserve any of this money, as they are birds and they wouldn’t be able to spend it anyway.

Marking the latest offering by the online casino, Birds of Fury is plagued of colorful and bright graphics, expect many amusing animations with birds getting angry when you win. It’s not all colors, as there are also a wide variety of bonuses and interesting payouts. As the folks in Bovada Casino say: But the angrier they get, the bigger your nest egg, so don’t stop egging them on.”

Interesting Bonuses

One of the atractives of Birds of Fury is the bonus progressive jackpot. Every round of gaming goes amassing a little fortune on the progressive jackpot and every player has a chance to take it home. These winnings are summed to the regular wins of the slot machine. You also get a nice fixes jackpot, with the value of 1,500 coins. If you want to get started, Birds of Fury can be either downloaded or directly played at Bovada Casino.

What takes Birds of Fury to a new level is the quantity of exclusive options that make the slot stand from the crowd.  You could call if a furious multiplier that can appear at the dawn of a random spin. The functions, of course, multiply the winnings. The multiplier function combines itself with the other bonuses, making an all-around increment in your chances of winning big.  Be warned, this function won’t work on free spins. The possible numbers on the multiplier are two, three, four and five.

Want to bet?

Birds of Fury is officially live at Bovada Casino, proving to be the most popular online slot in the site. Right now they are offering a cute $500 dollar entry bonus, so you can get some extra action.

Click to Bovada Casino get started.

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