Rapid Transit between Luxor and Excalibur

Sometimes people quote that casino business is growing faster than your expectations and they are right in quite a few ways as you see mind boggling innovation and investment in it. Another of such extravagance, as some people may call it due to its nature, is the preparations of rapid transit system by MGM Resorts International. It is exuberance for the frequent visitors who find walking from Luxor to Excalibur difficult or boring. With its launch MGM expects enhances customer loyalty and customer equity. MGM’s spokeswoman Yvette Monet has declined to disclose the details because they are of the view that it is a very tentative plan and would raise many questions. So any try to describe the project in a few words might bring dislike to the project whereas it is a very “tentative plan”.

Luxor and Excalibur want to join their casinos by way of making a zigzag of three zip lines. They have commissioned their plans and are waiting for 17th of April so that they get approval of their plan and start work on that immediately. It will launch at the apex of the Luxor pyramid and land at the roof of the tram station that is the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. This will be a great facility because no matter wherever you are coming from, all you have to plan is for tram station at the above mentioned intersection and from there you can have a rapid transit straight to your favorite casino. There is also made a shallower zip transit that would lead you from Excalibur’s main entrance to the walkway around the corner. This is surely a great plan as most people would find it facilitating but the plan has not been approved yet.

Clark County Planning Commission has not considered the plan for voting because they think it will not be appropriate to vote before the plan is reviewed by Federal Aviation Administration. This is because they have to look at every proposal that deal with the vicinity of McCarran International Airport to ensure that it does not affect the current situation adversely. They have kept their zip lines lower than the structures that currently exist out there to make sure that their plan gets no objections at all. As soon as approval from Federal Aviation Administration is obtained the county will vote for it and so we can expect work to be started next month but Monet has used electronic media to emphasize that there are no promises yet. This is because there are a lot of approvals and as a company they have to look at the competitive market to make sure that their casino’s reputation is unharmed.

As per the papers submitted to the county, the project will be carried out by Ziptrek Ecotours Inc. of British Colombia. They are of the view that will be a very good project as it will convey a “positive environmental message” and it will highlight the environmental initiatives at city, corporate and community level.

As for the complete tour that this new project will offer, it will take less than or equal to 2 hours and will start and end at Excalibur. They have not listed any admission prices or budgets for the whole construction. There are reports that are comparing the project to Fremont Street which was carried out in October 2010. Ziptrek has described that the line in front of Excalibur is short and low because it will be dropping about 30 feet and will be 500 feet long. This is another resemblance to Fremont Street project. Rest assured, it will increase the market of the area and will be fun for visitors.

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