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Reely Poker online slot launched by Virgin casino

June 21, 2012 56 0

Virgin casino is planning to go full throttle on summer by launching three games. One of the games is Reely poker online slot, which promises to be the most captivating of the three.  The game incorporates aspects of the game of poker and slots.

More details of the game

As aforementioned, the game is played using two modes: poker and slots. The slots version is played using the same slots playing version where all the symbols act as the playing cards. The highest line is payout 5,000 coins and is represented by the joker. The scatter awards are the payouts in addition to triggering the bonus game. The king symbols gives a maximum of 4,000 coins while the deuce offers 75 coins. However, in this game, suits have no bearing on the game and any card having the same rank can lead to a line payout. The pay line in Reely poker has 30 pay lines.

In the poker-based version of the game, once a player has activated the game, it will remain that way until it is activated. For every spin, the bet amount equals ten times will be taken from the player. Each player has to select three horizontal rows. Cards that appear on the horizontal rows form the hand of that row. A player wins when the poker hand he has chosen is ranked higher than the hands in the other two rows. The payout equals 3 to 1 on the bet amount. The games are played on playtech software.

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