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Review: Eurogrand Online Casinos

August 13, 2018 80 0

Looking for a new online casino site, packed full of fun and thrilling games? Check out this review, to see if Euro Grand is for you.

Eurogrand Online Casinos

Part of the trusted William Hill group – and targeted towards continental Europe – Eurogrand offers competitive deals, due to its partnership with a large company; something you may not find everywhere. This high quality platform specialises entirely in casino gaming, rather than anything else, and has developed a solid reputation over the years for premium entertainment.

What’s Available?

In order to access this, you will need to download the Eurogrand software, for live and virtual games. You will be able to access traditional casino bets, such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, sic bo, slots, and video poker (plus, much more!). This may not be ideal for anyone who is looking for a vast variety of options, but it’s perfect for anyone who is looking for purely casino-orientated gaming, in a secure environment.

For anyone who has developed their casino gaming career over the years, Eurogrand has a familiar template that might appeal to veterans. However, you will need to download the software to be able to access the live chat help function.


You can expect generous bonuses on top of your payments, and the withdrawal limit is 9,000 currency units per month. Depending on the status of your account, you will have to wait between 1-7 days for your cash to find its way back into your bank. You will enjoy the flexibility of multiple payment methods, including Visa and Paypal. And, of course, you will be able to work in a variety of currencies, depending on what suits you.

Your €1,000 welcome bonus (or €250, depending on your bank roll) will require a 25x play-through, within 30 days. You won’t find a much better deal than this online, and this comes almost as an industry standard. Further bonuses are available for future deposits, at different rates than your initial down-payment. Wagering requirements will also decrease, which is a nice little perk to staying with the site.

Of course, before you put down any money, be sure to look at the terms and conditions, as there are always restrictions on how and when you can spend your bonuses. Eurogrand is pretty standard, in terms of its expectations and requirements, but it’s always worth checking, just in case something takes you by surprise.


Eurogrand is a fantastic, safe option that offers a solid service – with decent bonuses – that you can trust. If you’re looking for a sole casino service, with all of your favourite games, Eurogrand is a great option for you. This is especially if you are a fan of the William Hill group too, as they are pulling all of the strings here. Give it a test drive and see what you think!

Do you love to play casino games? Let us know which one is your favourite!

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