/ / Scotty Nguyen narrowly misses on the chance to add to his WSOP Gold Bracelet

Scotty Nguyen narrowly misses on the chance to add to his WSOP Gold Bracelet

June 15, 2012 81 0

Scotty Nguyen, the 1998 World champion of poker will have to wait a little bit longer to add to his five bracelets. He finished second in event 24- the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Eight-or-Better that featured prominent players such as Mike Matusow and Phil Ivey. This was Nguyen nineteenth table finish. He received $182,000 for his efforts adding to his career earnings to an impressive $11.6 million. Nguyen was, however, disappointed with his second place finish.

“I’m disappointed with my second finish; this was definitely not my day. When it is not your day, you have to think about the next day”

He was, however, quick to congratulate the winner of the event, Joe Cassidy.

“It was his day, and I congratulate him on his win,” said Scott.

Scott successfully navigated through the final nine players despite not being the most active player in the table. During the course of the final, he made several cigarettes breaks, and moments to sip his signature brand Michelob Ultra.

Heads up match postponed for eleven hours

The final head up match was scheduled on Wednesday night, but was postponed after Phil Ivey was eliminated at about 3 a.m. The next day Scott arrived early for the 2 P.M start, but Cassidy was late by fifteen minutes only to find Scott sipping some Michelob light. The two players had to make some apologies before the game commenced. First Cassidy apologized for arriving late, and Nguyen did apologize for quitting on Cassidy the previous night. After that, the players sat down to determine the winner of the golden bracelet. The final table results were as follows: Joe Cassidy ($294,777), Scotty Nguyen ($182,213), Phil Ivey ($136,046), Meng La ($102, 260), Gregory Jamison ($77,342), Elie Doft ($58,873), Bart Hanson ($45, 084), Mike Matusow ($34,748), and Ryan Lenaghan ($26,940).

A premium name in Poker

Scott Nguyen is one of the most recognized names in Poker. His popularity rose after playing a role in the film Rounders, and more than two decades of participating in poker tournaments has firmly etched his name in the minds of poker lovers. Nguyen is an accomplished poker player a fact that is cemented by his previous wins in the $50,000 player championship and the main event. He is regarded as one of the best players in the Omaha tournament players in the world today.

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