Skills for recognizing “Tells” while playing online poker

A “Tell” in poker is a subconscious action(s) competing poker players reveal, which offers a glimpse on what the players poker hand might be. Enjoying poker live (land-based poker rooms) makes this part of the poker game plenty easier since you’ll be able to see the Tells. However, playing poker online, it is not easy to Tell. This article suggests ways of recognizing Tells while playing online:

Playing Speed:

Poker players are provided a pre-determined reaction time. If the internet connection is good for all players, you’ll be able to get a clue on your fellow poker players. Usually a fast reaction proves a weak hand, and a delayed one signifies strength. The player could be using a “thinking” strategy.


it is important to watch the player’s discussions even though you might not be having any interest of joining in the play; this way, you will learn plenty from other players. Observe the language used to identify new poker players or alternative obvious indications of their cards. Some poker players have a tendency of speaking when they are nervous with a good hand or they can go mum. It is thus imperative to keep an eye fixed on the message board.

Auto Buttons:

Most on-line poker rooms have buttons for poker players to pick “instant” responses like “call any”, “raise any”, “check/fold” among other buttons. Don’t use these, as it gives a hint to other poker players that you are new to the game. If an internet poker player “auto” checks or bets this typically indicates that they are on a weak hand. If “auto” decision or raise is employed it shows a strong hand.

The main strategy is to always “watch” your fellow on-line poker players for small clues on their poker hands. Remember that some poker players can purposely do the alternative to draw you in, thus be always ready for any eventuality. Another critical suggestion: NEVER offer “Tells” to competing players – it is imperative to always be a live to your actions and reactions, regardless of whether you are playing online or offline.