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South Carolina casino news – Organized Poker…Illegal Reality

December 3, 2012 59 0

Recently, yet another casino news related to the USA scene found its way to the media. This time South Carolina Supreme Court took the spotlight, providing some new insight to the great state’s pertinent poker laws. Making it short, the justice department provided the following data: being poker a game based on skill, poker shall not be exempt from state gambling law.

This happening is anything but spontaneous, all beginning with a trial all the way back to 2009, when five undisclosed individuals of the South Carolina gambling scene faced conviction after being spotted doing an organized home poker game. Authorities enter the place in the middle of the evening and took the five individuals to justice. By the hand of a local judge, they were found guilty, an event that made huge echoes within gambling aficionados.

Supreme Court

Later that year, the local judge ruling was overturned, so prosecutors decided to make the whole case a bigger affair, taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. After some time, a split decision was reached. This decision marked Texas Hold Em poker as an illegal activity, if money is being used when playing.

A critical piece of information was provided by the state regarding the happening “Whether an activity is gaming/gambling is not dependent upon the relative roles of chance and skill. “But whether there is money or something of value wagered on the game’s outcome.” Either way, individuals from the state do have said that the legislations pertaining poker gambling could be outdated and that maybe a change would probe positive in the South Carolina casino scene.

Revised Laws

Jean Toal, took matter in her own hands, doing a plea to state lawmakers, saying that the gambling legislations in the state should be carefully re studied. Times have changed and as such, so do should some policies. The gambling industry has come a long way in the last 50 years, paraphrasing Toal, it is a fact that South Carolina laws pertaining poker are “hopelessly outdated.”

The majority of US states have altered their state Constitutions in recent years to cater to a growing number of adults that enjoy playing poker as a hobby. Dozens of states have went as far as to regulate poker in casinos, while Nevada lawmakers have passed legislation regulating online poker as well

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