Spanish online poker to face regulation from June 1st

Spain’s newly regulated poker market is ready to open at the start of June, with a bunch of big-name operators seeking to open “.es” domains to supply services in the country.

The licenses are set to be handed by the end of the month, with known operators such Poker Stars, 888, Ladbrokes and believed to have already applied for operating licenses. Eurovegas project is also expected to invest heavily in Spain.

The Spanish player pool are going to be segregated from that of different countries when the market opens; however laws are written in such the way that they may be opened to different countries, principally those within the European Union, within the future. France, Denmark and Italy are among the opposite EU nations to possess promulgated similar laws over recent years.

Operators without a license are going to be prohibited from providing their services in Spain, and varieties of websites have closed their operations to Spanish customers in recent months.