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Sports betting: Premier League football tips

June 26, 2013 81 0

With the Premier league currently enjoying a long summer break most players have spent the last month sunning themselves on the beach, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and eating as much BBQ as their bodies can withstand.

Preseason training, however, is almost upon us and the Premier League’s coaches will be putting their squads through rigorous regimes to get them back to full fitness. Transfer activity of players and managers never seems to stop and football betting fans can expect some big revelations before the summer is out.

Here are our top tips for who will win the 2013/14 Premier League:

Manchester United: 3.10 on Bet365
The English champions have a new manager in David Moyes but the boss hasn’t yet dabbled in the transfer market, persuading many fans this won’t be United’s year. Wayne Rooney could also leave the club and Moyes seems to have stalled on bringing in Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini; there are definitely stronger squads to bet on for this title.

Chelsea: 3.25
Jose Mourinho has returned and the Blues have already signed exciting midfielder Andre Schurrle and are set to land Edinson Cavani from Napoli for around £50m. The Chelsea attacking line is frightening and all Mourinho needs is a commanding centre-half and midfield competition to form a title-winning squad.

Manchester City: 3.25
No one quite knows how Manuel Pellegrini will do in his first season in charge but City fans who follow live football commentary can expect some exciting listening next season. The new boss will be given funds to strengthen this side but he must shed some players off the wage bill, a move that may disrupt the team too much for them to sustain a season-long effort.

Arsenal (11.00), Tottenham (34.00) & Liverpool (34.00):
All three teams will strengthen this summer but in doing so will merely maintain the competition for fourth place. None of this trio has strong enough squads to sustain a winning mentality all season and the bunch of star players each team possesses aren’t enough to drag them any higher up the table.

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