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Sports Betting Rules

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Like any other gambling activity, sport betting has some rules which govern it. However, these rules usually vary from one betting organization to another. Despite this, there are some rules that are the same for all organizations that take part in betting. These sports betting rules must be upheld if you want to rightfully claim your prize money the moment the game you placed a bet on is over. Failure to closely adhere to these regulations can lead you to lose your money and be disqualified from betting with that organization altogether.

These sports betting rules are discussed in this article:

Sports betting rule 1: Bet Before the Game Starts.

No bets are going to be placed after the game has started. Bets are usually accepted, in some cases, a week or even earlier before the game starts. The acceptance of these bets usually goes on up to the moment the kick off whistle for the game is blown. The moment that whistle is blown, no more bets on the game are allowed. It is advisable that you place your bet at least one or two hours prior to the kick off. This is because the coach of the team could make some last minute changes to the game that might affect your predicted outcome of the game. If you place your bet very early, say one week to the game, a player might get injured in training during the week and this might affect the result that you predicted. In this case, you will lose your money. Therefore, place your bet at least one hour before the game starts.

Sports betting rule 2: Date, Time and Venue of Game Must Be as Stated.

Another sport betting rule states that the game on which you are placing your bet on must take place on the stated time and at the stated venue. For instance, the betting company might state that the NBA game between the Phoenix Suns and the Boston Celtics will take place at the US Airways Centre on Sunday March the 11th of 2011 at 1600HRS Eastern Time. This means that the game has to take place at the said centre between the two teams and on the said date and time. There are many reasons that can lead to cancellation or postponing of the game. For example, a bomb scare at the venue could lead to the game being postponed until further notice. Other outdoor games, like soccer, baseball and football among others, could be postponed due to unfavourable weather conditions. Sometimes during the winter it snows so hard that the playing field becomes frozen; at other times, it rains so hard that the referee and the fans cannot see properly. During such a postponement or cancellation of a game, you will get your mone
y credited back to you.

Sports betting rule 3: The Company Usually Reserves the Right to Bet on Some Events.

There are some sports events that the company does not see fit to accept bets on. During such times, you cannot place your bets on such games. For instance, due to a stand on say, promoting the fight against racism in football, some betting companies might decide not to take bets on a game in which a particular player accused of racism has not had any action taken against him by the authorities. During such a time, you cannot place your bet with the organization. The betting company also reserves many other similar rights. For instance, the company usually reserves the right to suspend and/or close a user account without notifying the user. In addition, the sports betting company reserves the right to accept minimum and maximum events on some bets.

If you are recently getting started in sports betting, we recommend you to have a look to our sports betting guide for beginners, in order to become more familiarized and start betting with confidence in few steps.

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