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The Amazing Spiderman – one of the best online casino games!

January 31, 2013 71 0

We can safely state that the superhero named Spiderman is known by almost anyone. He is the friendly nerd that takes on deadly villains on Manhattan, the likes of Venom, Carnage and Rhino. The Amazing Spiderman is one of the best online games out there, especially for Marvel Comics fanatics and movie bluffs that have seen the Hollywood interpretation of this amazing hero. Click here to play hero themed games. You can always head up to our constantly updated Best Online Slots section!

The Amazing Overview of the Game

The Amazing Spiderman is a fast paced slot, with lots of action and glamour. From the beginning, you will be welcomed with incredibly detailed comic book images, including bad guys and friends of the great Spiderman. There is a limit of 25 lines and the maximum amount of credits a player can get is up to 5,000. When the player gets three Scatter symbols, the great Spiderman-Feature is unlocked. This feature gets substitutes all the symbols on the third reel, improving the chances of winning.

The Amazing Free Rounds

However, what has given The Amazing Spiderman a such high regard becoming one of the best online slots available, are its free games rounds, which are abundant. To get into this special round, three special symbols must be got at reels one, two and three. Once this is done, the player gets to the free game feature, which gives an outstanding amount of 15 free games and all winnings are doubled. This only means that amazing rewards await for the player that gets to this round.

In the free games the player will witness Spiderman battling Venom, one of the most famous villains of the Spiderman franchise. Venom is a blue and malign version of our favorite hero and he will do his best to bet Mary Jane, Spiderman’s girlfriend. Then a showdown will begin between the two, which is shown via in-game comic like graphics. If Spiderman wins, Mary Jane will be saved and happily ever after they will live. When she is saved, the player gets rewarded with a prize he won’t forget too soon. But know something; Venom is a fierce opponent, so the player may lose.

The Amazing Consolation Prize

Here comes the consolation prize, given when the feature ends and the player loses. The nature of the prize is random, but having a game awarding a player for a nice try is something unheard of and this is why The Amazing Spiderman is one of the best online casino games out there.

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