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The exterminator – free online casino games!

March 4, 2013 53 0

Developed by one of the hottest online casino games development studios, The Exterminator is an online slot that has made its fair share of headlines. Filled with state of the art 3D effects, the vermin extermination game can be considered an incredibly fun game that gives good profits to the players.Here you will be able to try it for free, being able to play for real money anytime!

Free online casino games program

Casino Cheers offers you the chance to play free online casino games, with the sole objective of making the experience of better. The Exterminator is one of the newest online casino games developed by Betsoft. Animal hunters are in for a treat as the objective of the game is to hunt them. Among the animals’ features, you will be able to find raccoons and shanks, so if you are in for a killing spree of this corrosive vermin, you are in for a treat with The Exterminator!

Hunters Paradise

In the game you will play as Alvin the Exterminator, as he hunts, chases and ultimately kills these animals. The thematic is pretty unique among online casino games, truly making it one of the best slots around. If you like going hunting on the weekends; you will surely love The Exterminator. The gameplay works around three main bonuses, Great Raccoon Chase, 5x or more and the exiting double up. In addition, there are a couple of side games, to continue incrementing your winnings, even a mega wild feature.

Mega Wild Bonus

The mega wild feature happens when the player gets the truck symbol, which makes the whole reel spinning, making every symbol a wild. This feature should be observed as one of the most profitable bonuses on online casino games, as the winnings can become huge in the blink of an eye. Massive wins is something The Exterminator isn’t afraid of giving to its players. Remember that in this opportunity, as part of our free online casino games program, you are going to play the game for free. You can change the option anytime to play for real money.

The Video Slot provides many thrills and long lasting entertainment. Few online slots games offers this many bonuses and bonus games, so at Casino Cheers we politely ask you to at least try it. The game is amazing and really is one of the best slots around.

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