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The Grand Savanagh – Roulette Cheating

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In a career spawning over 25 years, Richard Marcus has managed to make money scamming casinos. With unprecedented talent and  motivation, Marcus has become a living legend among other casino cheaters. While here at Casino Cheers we kind of have to admire this individuals, as founding a way to cheat big casinos is something bald and that requires a great deal of analysis, we have to remind all players out there; sooner all later, all cheaters get caught. Although being an active cheat for 25 is kind of remarkable.

Admiration vs Morality

They say there is a little line between being a great player and a great cheater. The thing is both share many of the same talents. Both have an absolute knowledge of the rules of the game, both are organised at the time of the wagering and both know when to quit. . Richard Marcus evolved from being a superb player into a cheater when his winnings started to seem little on his eyes. He had the knowledge, he had the motivation, but was lacking one crucial thing, a partner. For becoming a good player playing Roulette, its imperative of get a hang of the basic rules, here we leave you a thorough guide for beginners. We must acknowledge, once you become a great player, don’t go for the dark path

A common day of April, Richard Marcus was buy at work, when a mysterious man called Classon appeared. Classon knew that Marcus had a great talent playing in the casino, so he offered him to be part of his team, an offer that would begin the run of Marcus as a professional cheater. Marcus knew what he was getting involved with, but even so took the chance, so he joined the group Classon had organised and learnt to cheat on an incredible level.

Strippers do get the best of us

In little time Classon become the father figure, best friend and counsellor of Marcus. As Marcus learnt the basics of casino cheating, Classon always encouraged him to innovate in the ways of cheating. A funny thing that Classon taught to Marcus is that cheating doesn’t always require complex methods or difficult strategies, some times, a cheater develops a so simple way. that they aren’t ever discovered.

One evening, Classon, Marcus and the rest of the team were chilling at a bar. Later that night, a stripper sited on Marcus lap. Well, I think I talk for everybody that the last thing someone would be thinking in with a stripper on his lap is a way to cheat at casinos, but Marcus really was doing so. At this point, he had become an addicted to the game, but even so, he didn’t forgot the basic rules on administrating the Roulette experience. Two minutes later he had developed a method so simple, yet so destructive, that would change his life forever. Named after the stripper, the trap was called “Savannah”.


The Savannah trap consists positioning  3 red 5 dollar chips in a pile on the roulette table. This will come as a regular bet to the dealer, raisin no alarm at all . The next part of the plan consists in the win. In the case Marcus won, he would jump of joy making a great deal of noise. Fixing the attention on Marcus dealer, he said, “Yes sir, my brown tab you see there under the red”. So when the dealer took the chips, there was a brown down the value of $ 500. The simplicity of his method was truly amazing.

Blame couldn’t go to the dealer, as he isn’t Superman. The catch is that the brown chip was below the red ones, but a little bit to the back, so in the perspective of the dealer, it was invisible. In the case Marcus didn’t win, he would take out the brown chip in a swift manner, loosing only 15 dollars.

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