The Hipster Hangout Guide to Las Vegas

hipster vegasHipsters and casinos often don’t mix well. On one side, you get people that think of themselves A modern-day bohemians, who shun money and “capitalist” products for the sake of their “art,” and on the other, establishments that are blatantly trying to make as much money as they can off you.

It is for this very reason why Las Vegas is the last place that comes to people’s minds when they think of hipsters. But the thing is, after being set back by the recession in the late 2000s, the city is trying its best to attract a new breed of patrons who can breathe new life to its floundering casinos and businesses.
The center of the hipsterdom movement is at Downtown Las Vegas. Also called as “Vintage Vegas,” this place has a unique hip and casual vibe that is very different from the gaudy environment of the rest of the city.
These are some of the most chillax places in Downtown Las Vegas that the hipster inside you can appreciate:


1. Fremont Street Experience

One of the few places in Las Vegas that the whole family can enjoy. Fremont Street is the heart and soul of Downtown Las Vegas. This is Las Vegas fun and entertainment at its finest- and most of it for free! There are street performers, a zip line, a light show, and spraypaint artists. You can also try your luck at the old-timey casinos that are abundant near the place. Since the establishments here aren’t as “popular” as those on the more upscale Strip, minimum bets for games are often much lower.


2. Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

Pabst Blue Ribbon is overrated. If you want to taste real beer, go to Ellis Island Casino and Brewery, located a few blocks away from the Strip. Popularly known as one of the best breweries in the area, the establishment serves their popular house beers (comes in dark, light, amber, and hefeweizen varieties) at a cheap price. Ellis Island is also a famous karaoke spot in the city, so you can sing your through the night with fellow tourists and city locals alike.


3. Arts District

Located on the corner of Charleston and Main is a huge 30-feet giant sculpture of a paintbrush. This strange figure is more than an art installation- it marks the entrance to Las Vegas’ Arts District, the centrepoint of the city’s art scene. Here you can find thriving galleries that houses the works of the local artists in the city. In the Brett Wesley Gallery (arguably, the most famous gallery in the area) you can find some of Wesley’s important art pieces. You can also take a look at the Trifecta Art Gallery, which is maintained by owner and art patron Marty Walsh.


4. Downtown Container Park

Made mostly out of refurbished shipping containers, the Downtown Container Park features a variety of quaint shops, boutiques, and food shops that people can browse at their leisure. Concerts are also regularly staged at the outdoor amphitheater for most nights.