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The history of Online Casinos

October 3, 2012 66 0

Remember the 1990s? The history of online casinos began before mobile phones, DVD and many other electronic devices made their first appearance, in their most basic forms in this decade. Far we were of tablets, modern laptops, blurays, you name it. Internet was still struggling to get the attention of everyone, being nothing more than another tool or way of entertainment.

In impending fear of doom, many businesses tried to trespass their offerings to the public into the internet. There where ventures that went well and others that still struggle to this day. Think of the music industry, and the controversy that almost anyone can download anything anytime.

¡Born to be wild!

Casinos where one of the lucky ones, not knowing that their offerings on the web would become one of the greatest entertainment activities of the world. In 1995, the first online casino brand was born, carrying the name of Internet Casino Inc. Their client range was quiet limited, as it just operated from Caicos and Turks islands. Internet legalization’s in many ways were at its most basic place; therefore they had fear facing legal consequences from the US. They began with just 15 games. Today online casinos have hundreds of them. One of the most popular games which continues to carry the mantle to this day is online poker. So huge was the stardom of this game that many poker competitions were born around this time, including the coveated WSOP.

The term Online Casino is a concrete derivation of regular physucal presence casinos. Some people call them gambling portals, cybernetic casinos and we could go on. Online casinos tend to agree on something, they must offer different kind of games in order to survive. By the day the clientele becomes more selective, making it more difficult for new online casinos to shine. The word brand is one that likely defines the world of these gambling portals.

Europe and Asia

The boom of these entities took place on Europe and Asia, where even governments sponsored their own online casino programs. This has helped a lot in expanding their business, helping them to become the giants they are today. Still, the acceptance of online casinos as legitimate casino entities is doubted by more than a few, seeing with a shady eye their activities.

Later in the 1900s, the first themed online casino was born. Licensed by the Isle of Man, this took Sol Kerzner, creator and owned, to do one of the online casino ventures that defined the game to this day. Just think of how many themed online casinos are out there.

Shady Eye

The history of online casinos have seen a fair share of controversy,  being the biggest one the trust issues many individuals have with them. Many persons until this day don’t trust online casinos, saying they will empty your bank account among other things. We obviously don’t support this lack of confidence; online casinos have really evolved to suit all the needs of players. If you are looking for a great place to play, you can even check our review of Foxy Bingo, on of the biggest casino portals on the UK . Newborn casinos sometimes try to sell their credibility to players by getting games of famous game developers. We are talking about o Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic, among others.

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