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The Incredible Hulk – free online casino games!

February 26, 2013 109 0

The Incredible Hulk is a progressive jewel that recently joined the free online casino games program on 888 games. The slot is based on the movie about biologist Dr Bruce Banner, who after a failed experiment transforms into this big and destructive creature. Mayhem and action are two pillars of this new offering… making it extremely exiting!

Destructive Progressive Jewel!

The Incredible Hulk is one of the best free online casino games offerings of 888 for many reasons. The most important one comes with the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot system, a joint system where more than 5 superhero based online slot games add to a massive progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot gets bigger by the day and has reportedly reached 2 million dollars, so players should me mindful that one big win, could be a life changing one!

Free online casino games Program

This program begun not too long ago in 888, trying to provide users a chance to play for fun, giving them a chance to demo a game before going for the real deal. All those features we talked about in the first paragraphs will only grant you real revenues if you decided to play for real money. Take our offering as a chance to get used to the in-game mechanics and animations, see if you feel comfortable enough. Maybe mayhem and action aren’t your cup of tea and you are looking for a less adrenaline pumping online slots games experience.

Hulk SMASH Bonus!!

The Smash bonus feature is the best feature of this online slot game. Imagine for a second that you are green, big and full of rage. Now take another second to imagine that you are getting paid for being destructive. This feature lets you select 3 out of 7 police cars that Hulk will smash with all his might. Inside of them, a hidden prize will be waiting for the player.
Destructive Wild!

On reel 2,3 and 4 the plaer will be ale to find the so called Expanding Hulk, which works as the Wild Symbol of the game. The Wild Symbol works as the joker of online slot games, being able to substitute any other symbol but the scatter and the bonus symbol. Getting more than 3 of them will enable the player to play a free exclusive game, where the winnings can become multlipied by three

Just below you will find a direct window to try the game. The only question is… are you bad and big

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