The Meadow Racetrack & Casino arrange Summer Outdoor Events Series 2012

There are many followers of outdoor fun and concerts and for them the high season is due to start on May 5 when the Meadow Racetrack & Casino starts its annual summer’s events that is highly popular among fun lovers. The Meadow Racetrack & Casino announced on April 05, 2012 a complete range of activities going to be included in this summer’s Outdoor Events Series 2012. There are going to be almost uncountable things, as they say it, but we can start detailing them with the anchoring of the performances by very great musicians. They include former lead vocalists from legendary music bands including some of your very favorite ones like Styx, Bad Company, Three Dog Night and Blood, Doobie Brothers and Sweat and Tears. So if your favorite vocalist is listed in there then you should be packing and getting ready for the fun at Summer Outdoor Events Series. Throughout the tri-state area it has become one of the greatest entertainment venues and visitors from not only the tri-state but also from all around the world come here just for this event series.

The event will start on May 05, 2012 when attendees will enjoy Kentucky Derby Party and a free concert which will feature famous band Mustang Sally. This all female country music band is loved all around the world for its catchy beats and it will set the pace of the entertainment series for the whole month. This fun the moves in a Triple Crown style but it will continue to add new parties and free concerts featuring new bands. Events will be held in Preakness States on May 19 and Belmont Stakes on June 09, 2012. Every weekend will be featuring a different type fun and in total there will be 11 events in the lineup set by The Meadow Racetrack & Casino.

For those of you who are concerned about the music and concerts must know that it is never going to compromise on the quality because you will get to listen to great songs of Paul Rodgers, Grammy award winner and singer and song-writer of Bad Company and Free and the Firm on June 23. You will also get to see Dennis DeYoung who will showcase the greatest hits of decades of 70s, 80s and 90s. Their songs like ‘Babe’, ‘Lady’ and ‘come sail away’ are recognized by every music listener and you can be the audience on July 07, 2012. There will be a beautiful display of fireworks after the show to finish the party in the perfect way. But as The Meadow Racetrack & Casino mentions that there will be no compromise on the quality so there will be personalities that you might be waiting for long like Michael McDonald.

He is the five time Grammy award winner and is widely accepted as a legend in songwriting around the world. People say that his voice has a ‘velvety tenderness’ which could be the reason that Grammy has liked McDonald so much. Michael McDonald, along with Doobie Brothers, has greatest hits and has stayed on top of the charts for weeks with songs like ‘minute by minute’, ‘what a fool believes’ and ‘yah mo b there’. Michael McDonald will wrap up the Summer Outdoor Events Series on September 08, 2012. Sean Sullivan, vice president and general manager of The Meadow Racetrack & Casino, is of the view that this series is surely going to ‘satisfy the appetite’ of rock and roll fans. He said that the settings will be unique and would have never been seen before. He also said that he is confident his casino is going to be the ‘hot spot’ this summer for world class music.

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