The More Unusual Casino Games

CaptureIf you have gambling in your blood and enjoy playing games like poker then finding action is never difficult. There is always someone to wager with, whether it’s on the weather, a personal challenge or just betting on who will cross the road first, money will always change hands when people are willing to take the risk.

The online casino has taken this premise and created a series of options that don’t fit into your general genre of online casino games. Instead, these bad boys are similar to the kids who are different; the ones who shun the playground, to spike their hair and stick nails through their ears.

Virtual Sports Games

These types of games generally focus on the two biggest sports betting outlets: football and horse racing. Football games have been designed to mirror league’s that run through whole seasons, or cup competitions that are over much quicker. You are given the opportunity to bet on the outcomes of matches that are operated by the randomness of the casino.

The virtual horse racing games are created to appear as much like their ‘real versions’ as is practicably possible. The only difference is virtual horse racing never goes to sleep.

Scratch Cards

The National Lottery has made scratch cards cool again, and the online casinos have taken advantage of this resurgence with the creation of an online version. These games are popular because they are very quick, and are attractive to people who want their gambling with at least fuss as possible.


The online casinos have also created mini versions of the classics that allow you to experience the same buzz but at much quicker speeds. Keno is a great example with a plethora of much quicker alternatives than the expansive version that can be found on some online sites.