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Top 8 Safety Tips for Casino-goers

June 20, 2014 163 0

Casinos have long been a stickler for security. When you have a large amount of money just basically floating around the premises, plus crafty drunks who seem to have thrown all logic and rationality out the window, it’s easy to see why the security measures that are implemented inside casinos border on the extreme.

But despite the security cams, precautionary measures, and other safety nets, people should never ever their guard down while inside any gambling establishment’s premises. The security people cannot do all the work for you, and you still have to fend off for yourself against shady thieves.

Here are some tips to ensure your personal safety, and of course the safety of your hard-earned money, inside a casino:

1. Don’t draw attention to yourself. If you manage to win big, don’t loudly announce the fact to the whole casino. After you’ve received your winnings, leave quietly and never make a big show of counting it in front of other players. Thieves can instantly single you out as a target if they know that you’re holding a huge amount of cash.

2. While playing, always keep your chips in sight. This is particularly important especially in craps, when there might be a lot of jostling and crowding going on around hot tables. You can try arranging the chips in order of value: highest denomination chips in the center, lower denomination chips at the sides. For Blackjack, stack your chips with the largest denominations at the bottom and place your lower denominations chips on top of them. This thieves who are passing by from snitching your chips when you’re not looking.

3. Though it’s not the most appealing of bags, fanny packs are a great accessory to be had especially when you’re a regular casino patron. But avoid putting valuables in them when you’re going outside. The straps can be easily cut off and someone can make off with it. Never put your wallet in your jean’s or a backpack’s back pocket.

4. For women, don’t use small hand-carry purses! Use bags with straps or shoulder bags which you can easily place in your lap while you play.

5. If you don’t feel safe walking around with a huge amount of money back to your room or car, ask a guard to escort you there. These are among their duties inside the casino. Also, using the valet parking service is also a good idea since you’re minimizing your chances of getting mugged and attacked at the parking lot.

6. Don’t get into the elevator with a person you’re wary of or not comfortable with. You can always wait for the next car to ride up.

7. Never keep all of your identification cards in just one place (i.e. wallet). This way if ever you become unconscious and your wallet becomes missing, people will still have a way of identifying you.

8. There’s strength in numbers! If possible, always have a buddy with you when you go to the casino. It’s easier to watch out for thieves when you have two pairs of eyes while playing.

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