Trophy slots introduces new affiliate program on Facebook

The team that designed Trophy slots, have announces a new paid partner program over Facebook. Trophy slots is a game on Facebook, where friends compete against each other, and share their achievements.

You can check on the game, using the following link:

The program targets influential social media users who will have an opportunity of earning money by promoting the game of slots online. If you have a following over Facebook this is the best chance for you to increase your income with your extensive social network.   The program works on a revenue sharing basis where the partner takes 10% of the commission generated (after Facebook takes their fees).

Joey steel, the community manager for Trophy slots program was happy to announce the partnership program,

“We are very happy to introduce the Trophy slots partners program, we believe that this is the best way of growing on our player’s base, while also creating a lasting relationship with some influential gamers. Some of the best advocates have been recruited, and we want to create a plan where partners will be payed based on their hard work”

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Details of the partnership

Partners who qualify for this program will be issued with a unique URL for use in promoting the partnership. The purpose of this partnership will be to promote the growth of the game within the network and track new players using the partner unique refer code. Reports will then be sent to the partners on a weekly basis on how much they have earned.

Lulu Jones, trophy managers added that the game is aimed at all influential social users not only in Facebook, but also in also other social networking sites such as Twitter, blogs, Websites, and Google+.  She added, that everyone is the aforementioned group is encouraged to apply.

Lulu Jones, had this to say about this new adventure,

“Many of the brands go out looking for influencers to promote their products by giving freebies in return. The only difference is that we endeavor to monetize the network that we have take time to build. “We believe that our partners are valuable, and should be paid for their dedication”

If you have a following, follow this link to get started

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